Customer Reviews (49)

  • De****rg
    These shoes are super versatile. I like it-let me find the feeling of 20 or 30 years old! ! !
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  • Mo****re
    Perfect for wet and snowy weather. Perfect for anyone on their feet long periods of time. Comfort level of this bootie is astonishing.
  • Ma****er
    I agonized over this purchase for over a month because I wasn't sure I wanted to spend this much on a pair of warm boots — finally pulled the trigger and I'm so glad I did! Everyone said these are the boots that feel like sneakers and that is 1000% accurate. They're extremely lightweight and flexible! Also, I'm a size 6.5 in every shoe I've bought since 1997 ... but against my better judgement I bought a 7 in this (due to all the review saying to size up) and THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I went up half a size and they fit perfectly! Will be wearing these for treks to work in the Toronto snow/slush this winter.
  • Si****ms
    I honestly fell in love with these shoe when I first saw them advertised on a social media site. I was overwhelmed to see them on Overstock because I don't like to order from sites I'm not familiar with. So I ordered the grey ones. When I got them, I was underwhelmed:( The shoe looks like the picture but the quality didn't look as good as it did on the picture advertised. I did wear them and they weren't a bad shoe. I was just expecting them to be cuter in person.
  • Er****ni
    They are soft and cozy as described. From the top looking down, with pants over the top of the shoe, they remind me of large sneakers. They're easy to walk in without clomping around like another pair of full sized snow boots I own. Good initial impression.
  • Em****ds
    Great quality.
    Following advice I sized up. 100% size up for correct fit!
    I'm a UK size 6 so ordered a size 7. Which fit perfectly.
    I probably wouldn't recommend for anyone with wide/chunky feet. Perfect for anyone with quite narrow/thin feet though, my feet dont slip around in them which is rare in boots!
  • Te****ss
    My black snow boots are comfortable and warm. I have a red pair also. The price was reasonable. i think the boots are well-made also.
  • S****i
    Bought these for my daughter and she loves them
  • G****n
    I love these keeps my feet nice and warm and they are super cute
  • Ve****mi
    This is simply a perfect match for stockings. I love them to death. Thanks also to my boyfriend James for the shooting. Yes i love you james too
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  • Mo****re
    These boots are true to size, and they look pretty good. They are not the most comfortable but they’ll be fine if you’re not walking or on your feet a lot.
  • Kr****ll
    I wanted a boot that was light weight, easy to slip on and off, no ties or zippers. These are just what I was looking for.
  • Na****ng
    After reading all the reviews the overwhelming message was runs small /very small , so I ordered an 8, all my shoes are 7.5 & I like a foot cradling fit so I usually ignore the small claims but after trying on I will stick with the 8, I have some photos here to compare with my well worn Columbia Minx 7.5 & they are pretty exactly the same size, the toe curls up a bit on the Columbia and the Sorel is narrower so visually differ a bit, on the narrow topic..when I first tried on I thought I would return because the width of my foot felt like it wanted to taco but I just wore for the day and I think it's flexed up enough. Photo 1: outside length of shoe 10.5 compared to Columbia. Photo 2: Side-view comparison. Photo 3: finding the end of my toe in sitting position/end of toe at leather seam. Photo 4: foot measurement length 9 1/4 x 3.5. advertising photos look accurate.
  • An****an
    Love these shoes! Just moved to a much colder and wet climate and these are my first winter shoes. They keep my feet warm and dry. They're very comfortable and easy to walk around in for every day tasks. Worth the money, they do just what I need them to do. Good for snow and rain. Fast shipping. Good buy!
  • Ye****se
    Great boots, super comfy with tread that keeps you on your feet and not on your butt in the winter weather!
  • J****n
    I love them. Now I am waiting for Xmas to wear them because they are warm and comfortable. I will insert a Gel support for my long days with them.
  • za****es
    Love them very comfortable and not heavy on the feet
  • Gh****an
    I made a trip to Alaska and needed a shoe that would accommodate the snowy and wet conditions. This shoe definitely fit the need. It is stylish, warm and comfortable on my feet. Great shoe. I love them.
  • Mo****re
    I bought the gray ones, size 8. True to size and once you snug up the laces, they are very comfortable to wear. While they are not real leather, they are soft and pliable, and I have enjoyed wearing them and get compliments.
  • Ke****ey
    These were a gift to my daughter. She needed warm boots for her 2 week stay in Canada's December weather. She suffers from raynauds so cold is not good for her.
    They seemed a bit snug at 1st but stretched out comfortably.
    She used them, with hot hand foot warmers, ever day & said the snow was often above her ankles. She never had any problems with the snow making them wet. They seemed to be water proof.
    There was only 1 night that her big toes got to cold.
    She loves the boots